A BARRISTER representing a defendant accused of brutally murdering a drug dealer asked a jury to think about the possibility of a “fourth man” being involved.

Patrick Harrington QC, defending Euan Peters, told them they should consider whether Dave Allen, the brother of co-accused Perrie Dunwell, played some kind of role.

Three men, Peters, Dunwell and Conlan Dunnion are on trial for the murder of 22-year-old Shafiul Islam who died after being attacked at his Newport flat.

Peters, 42, from Dros-y-Morfa, Rumney, Cardiff, Perrie Dunwell, 33, of Cold Mill Road, Newport, and Dunnion, 23, of Maesglas Avenue, Newport, all deny murder.


Dunwell and Dunnion have pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to rob.

Peters has admitted that charge.

At Newport Crown Court, Mr Harrington, in his closing speech, said: “Some unkind words have been said about Mr Peters.

“He has been described as an enforcer, a professional, and that he was recruited to the robbery.”

He told the jury: “Do justice to this case. You have to place at least the possibility that Dave Allen was in some way involved.

“Because if he was, that lends support to Euan Peters’ case."

Mr Harrington added: “We ask you give him a fair trial.

“We go so far as to say you should find him not guilty of murder.”

He implored them to mull over if this “fourth man” Mr Allen might be connected.

Mark Wyeth QC, prosecuting, said Mr Islam was killed after a planned robbery took place at his Tewkesbury Walk flat in the Shaftesbury area of Newport.

The crown’s case is that Peters repeatedly hit him over the head with a Kopparberg cider bottle on the night of Thursday, November 14, 2019.

The prosecution claims Dunwell chauffeured Peters to the alleged murder scene and arranged for Dunnion, a friend of Mr Islam’s, to open a communal door.

The jury was told Mr Islam may have owed a £10,000 debt to Dunwell.

Mr Wyeth added: “Euan Peters, the prosecution say, hit him with the bottle of Kopparberg he’d taken earlier from a restaurant.

“There’s strong forensic evidence that links that broken bottle to Mr Peters.

“That was a deliberate, gratuitous and violent attack that was made by him with the concurrence of his two co-defendants.

“Mr Islam was taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital.

“A CT scan indicated that he had suffered ‘a devastating brain injury’.

“Sadly, he never regained consciousness and died on Wednesday, November 20, 2019. He was just 22 years old.

“Mr Islam was the defendants’ target because he was a drug dealer.”

The trial before Mrs Justice Jefford continues.