PLAID Cymru has promised a Welsh Eurovision entry if it wins power in May's Senedd Election.

Over the years, eight Welsh entrants have represented the UK - even providing one winner, back in 1976.

The party, led by Adam Price, launched it's manifesto ahead of next month's election, which also features pledges to bring the Tour de France to Wales and bid to host either the 2030 or 2034 Commonwealth Games.


The manifesto reads: "We will prepare a bid for Wales to take part as a nation in its own right in the internationally renowned Eurovision song contest."

Wales' first Eurovision entrant was in 1970, where Mary Hopkin finished in seventh place with Knock, Knock Who's There.

Six years later, Nicky Stevens performed as part of Brotherhood of Man, who won the competition with Save Your Kisses for Me.

Bridgend's Emma Louise Booth, aged 15 at the time, finished sixth in 1990, while Jessica Garlick came third in 2002 and James Fox, from Cardiff, came sixteenth two years later.

Bonnie Tyler, more widely known for 80s hits Total Eclipse of the Heart and Holding out for a Hero, represented the UK in 2013, finishing 19th.

And two Welsh singers - Joe Woolford, of Joe and Jake, and Lucie Jones - represented the UK in 2016 and 2017 respectively - finishing twenty-fourth and fifteenth.