THERE are more reasons for Welsh independence than against, Dragons winger Ashton Hewitt has said.

The 26-year-old said although he felt he needed to research the topic further to make a definitive decision, he was "edging towards yes."

He spoke about the issue when appearing on Welsh independence podcast YouYesYet.


On the podcast, Mr Hewitt described his identity as “both Jamaican and Welsh heritages playing a big part,” but growing up “he always wanted to represent Wales.”

He also described the “racism and marginalisation” he faced whilst growing up playing rugby in Newport and the Gwent valleys, which he said “made me feel like some people don’t want me to be Welsh”.

This, he said, heavily influenced whether or not he would support independence.

“Social justice and equality for everybody is at the top of my priority list,” he said. “Everything needs to be better in that sense.

“A huge one for me would be how they would proceed with stamping out racism, improving equality and eradicating social injustices that are existing throughout society. That would be my swaying factor.

“It does sound like there’s more reason to be yes than no. Do we just accept the bad situation, or take that leap and put trust in ourselves to make it better?

“I’m not fully yes – it’s going to take a bit more research and a bit more time – but I’m definitely edging towards yes.

“I’m taking the approach of, why not?”