NOW that we can get out and enjoy the countryside, we are featuring walks from further afield.

Today we feature a coastal and field walk which takes in part of the Wales Coast Path, a medieval way and the Gwent levels.


Coastal and field paths, some tracks. Metal bridge crossing pipeline is not suitable for dogs. It can be quite wet in places as well so take care.

This 8km (five mile) walk starts at the layby on Porton Road in Whitson, west of the church.

South Wales Argus: Whitson church

Whitson church 


South Wales Argus: redwick walk map

1. Go south along the lane, following it left around a sharp bend. After 250 metres, turn off through a gate immediately in front of a farm shed on the right. Walk through to the meadow beyond and cross to a gate at the far side. Over a grass track, continue straight ahead across the next two fields. Entering the third field, go left beside the ditch to a stile in the corner. Cross another track and bridge then swing right beside the reen. Over another bridge, made a bee-line towards Porton House, crossing the intervening track to rejoin it by the house. Turn right over a gated bridge and climb onto the flood embankment.

South Wales Argus: The Wales Coast Path near Redwick

The Wales Coast Path near Redwick

2. Walk left through a gate and follow the seawall, later crossing a pipeline which drains water from the Llanwern Steelworks into the sea. Carry on for another three-quarters of a mile (1.2km) eventually approaching a track rising from below by Windmill Reen and its sluice below the flood embankment.

3. Drop back left to the bottom of the track and cross a bridge into the adjacent field. Follow the perimeter right, turning within the corner to walk on up the field edge past a sluice gate to another bridge. Cross and turn through a gate immediately on the left. Strike half-right towards the church tower to find a bated bridge partway along the boundary (not the field gate a little further left) and continue with the right hedge. In the next field carry on to a bridge in the far boundary, maintaining the line beyond to a gate just left of a tree. Follow the hedge past a farm to emerge onto a lane in Redwick. Turn right to a junction opposite The Rose Inn. The village 'museum' and church are then to the left.

South Wales Argus: The Wales Coast Path near Redwick

The Wales Coast Path near Redwick

4. Leave the northern edge of the graveyard over a stile and follow a leafy path to come out onto a lane. Go left at the junction and keep ahead along the Mead Lane. (If the path is closed you may have to retrace your steps and follow the road back round in the opposite direction until you arrive at Mead Lane).

5. Beyond Mead Farm, cross a bridge and immediately leave over stile bridge beside a gate on the right. Following 'Redwick Circular Walk' signs, keep with the left hedge into the third field and then bear right to another bridge. Maintain the same general easterly direction heading from field to field, eventually reaching the Llanwern pipeline.

South Wales Argus: The Wales Coast Path near Redwick

The Wales Coast Path near Redwick

6. Cross a high metal bridge to a track. Go left and almost immediately pass through a gate on the right and head out along another field. At the far end swing right on a green track. Reaching a junction, walk left, eventually passing through trees to emerge on the lane in Whitson. Turn right back to the lay by near St Thomas' Church to complete the walk.

South Wales Argus: Redwick Church. Picture: David Nelmes

Redwick Church. Picture: David Nelmes

This walk is one of 10 published in South Wales Coast, Circular walks along the Wales Coast Path by Dennis Kelsall. Published by Northern Eye Books. Price £5.99.