MANY people returned to high streets in Wales yesterday as Welsh Government regulations were lifted on non-essential shops.

Eager shoppers have taken the chance to get in some retail therapy, with customers lining the streets in queues in Wales and elsewhere in the UK - England also relaxed guidelines on shops yesterday.

Newport and Cwmbran saw some lengthy queues, the former particularly for the Debenhams closing down sale and for Primark’s reopening, and there were queues aplenty too along the M4 in Cardiff.

We asked our readers if they had been out to the shops yesterday, and if so, how they found it.

While some liked the ‘normality’ of having the shops open again, the reaction was mixed overall, with many thinking the queueing was ‘ridiculous’. Here are a few of the responses:

Lesley Sach said: “I don’t think I will be going into town for a while looking at the queues, mind you I need to make appointments for haircut, eyes tested which is a year overdue and I’m waiting on my second vaccination which I know won’t be for a while yet.”

Sue Williams said: “Wouldn’t bother standing in queues like that anyway. If people are sensible the shops will be open permanently as normal. With queues like that we need to start praying.”

Beth Jones said: “Much as I love Primark, I think I can wait a bit longer!”

Elaine Godsall said: “I love my retail therapy and have been longing for the shops to open but will leave it for a week or so.”

Heleana Powell said: “I’m not going into town for the next week. Not even if someone paid me. This is why I did my food shopping last week.”


Gary Lee said: “People want to get back to normality, what’s wrong with that? People have been cooped up for months and now they are allowed to go to the shop and want to go to the shop.

“It’s amazing that normal is being questioned. Did you go to a pub today for a pint? You did? Oh my god! How utterly disgraceful! I mean, really?”

Carol Tonks said: “Even though the queue is ridiculous in fairness the social distancing is very good hope it is the same inside the shops.”

Stephen Perry said: “I’m not about to judge anyone.

“Everyone is entitled to make their decisions. I think it’s a human need for social interaction and a wanting of some form of normality.”

Gabby Urrutia said: “It’s been manic. If only people supported the high street before then maybe retail could of survived the lockdowns.

“Not seen Newport this busy since I was a teenager.”

Jackie Williams said: “There is nothing that I would be that desperate for to queue like that.

“Lets hope this isn’t the start of yet another lockdown because of this.”

Tom Rosser said: “Why people need to whinge about this is ridiculous. If people want to stand in a queue to go into a shop they haven’t been able to into for months then that’s up to them.”

Barbara Ann Lewis said: “Will be out later this afternoon. Had my two jabs ready to support retail.”

Justin Pearce said: “Great to see people back in work and to see people happy to be out and about.”

Valerie Fotheringham said: “Haven’t seen Newport so busy for years.”

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