THE FAMILY of a Gwent man who took his own life have made a public plea to help raise money for his funeral.

Gervase Williams, from Blackwood, died at his home in Blaenavon on November 1, 2020. He was aged 30. 

South Wales Argus: Gervase Williams, who died last November aged 30

Gervase Williams

Mr Williams is survived by his two-year-old daughter, his sister and mother.

Mum Tamsin Price, who lives near Cwmbran, and sister Paula-Jean Morris have paid tribute to a “thoughtful and kind man”.

Ms Price said: “He was a thoughtful and kind man, and his daughter meant the world to him.

South Wales Argus: Tamsin Price has made a public plea for help

Tamsin Price

“He always had his issues mentally but when his daughter was born it was the happiest I ever saw him.

“He was very proud of her and would always talk about her when we spoke.

“He was a good person, but he fell on difficult times, and he felt there was no way back. He often shut himself off.”


The family have explored all avenues but have been unable to obtain a grant to pay the costs of the funeral that they currently cannot afford.

Ms Morris has been fundraising to preserve Mr Williams’ body for a little longer, and the family have been lent some money from neighbours.

South Wales Argus: Gervase with his daughter

Gervase with his daughter

Ms Price added: “We have explored everything and as a last resort we are asking the public to help us.

“Any money that could go towards a basic funeral for Gervase would mean the world to us.”

The family are hoping to raise around £1,000 to fund the rest of the costs.

If you’d like to raise money for the funeral, you can go to