A PONTYPOOL pub with a history of the paranormal will be going under the hammer later this month.

The Hanbury Arms, on Clarence Street, closed last year, but any potential buyer may need to give the Ghostbusters a call before reopening.

A man, believed to be a former executioner, is reported to be a visitor to the building - which dates back to the 1830s - where it is said criminals were once hanged.


Staff at the pub are said to have previously witnessed weird ‘orbs’ of light darting about the bar, and have said lights have switched on and off with no one in the room and barrels of cider have burst open in the pub's subterranean cellar.

Workmen refurbishing the building upstairs claimed they felt a bitterly cold presence, accompanied by a feeling of dread, causing them to down tools.

A previous owner of the pub invited paranormal experts to case the joint who were reported to have said they were convinced of the spirits’ presence.

A former manager claims to have heard whispers coming from the empty cellar and refused to enter certain parts of the pub alone.

And, as well as the executioner, the souls of a little girl named Emily and a small boy in Victorian dress, are also said to be regulars.

A former owner said coffins were stored in the pub cellar - as it was cold and dark - for the church across the road. Coffins would be taken out of a side door at the pub many years ago. There are two coffins in the cellar currently which date back to the around the 15th century, and another which is a Halloween prop.

Debra Bisley, from Paul Fosh Auctions, said: "Taking on a property may require an investor to be brave and confident but if you buy the Pontypool's Hanbury Arms you may need that extra bit of bravery to complete the work.

"The refurbished pub, on Clarence Street, Pontypool, on the main road into the town, has a well-documented history of paranormal goings on over the years with one particular legend concerning nineteenth century hangings in the building and the appearance of a former executioner."

The Hanbury Arms, with cellar, ground floor bar area and first floor apartment and four additional bedroom, along with a range of ghosts and a selection of coffins in various sizes in the cellar, is listed with a guide price of £140,000.

The pub will be among 80 properties to go under the hammer with Paul Fosh Auctions, starting from midday on Tuesday, April 27 and ends on 5pm on Thursday, April 29.