WALLY the walrus has been showing his wilful side in a slipway stand-off with Tenby lifeboatmen.

The Arctic visitor, who has been making himself at home in Carmarthen Bay, likes nothing better than a snooze and a sunbathe on the lifeboat slipway.

But his 600kg bulk is rather a hazard to shipping if he's in residence when the Tenby lifeboat needs to launch.

Lifeboat crew members preparing to take the Haydn Miller down the slipway for an exercise yesterday afternoon, Tuesday April 19, had their plans temporarily scuppered when Wally lumbered up on to the slipway.

The cheeky creature is now getting used to the lifeboat volunteers method of shooing him away, by banging metal poles on the slipway railings.

"He doesn't take any notice of the sound of our launch siren, so making this sort of noise is the best way to shift him," said Tenby RNLI press officer and crew member Ben James.

"But once the boat had gone out, he was back in place, and everyone watching on Castle Hill gave him a round of applause.

"Wally's such an amazing creature and he's a great attraction, we think he's like our own lifeboat station mascot.

"He seems to be really playful and friendly and is curious about people."

Wally-watcher and Welsh Marine Life Rescue volunteer Amy Compton, who took this latest photo, said: "He started to go into the water and then turned round and came back, and just wouldn't move."

"In the end, a small RIB went in close to the slipway and he decided then it was time to go."

Another spectator, Simon Rogers, who videoed the scene, said: "Wally thought he was in panto with the lifeboat team who spent a good ten to fifteen minutes trying to shift him from the slipway.

"A RIB stood off in attendance and was dutifully called in to distract him away. As soon as the crew turned their backs, Wally would look to reclaim his spot!

"Then the RIB backed off and the Haydn Miller took its chance."

There has been a great response to Welsh Marine Life Rescue's appeal to help monitor Wally's antics, added Amy, and the organisation is in the process of contacting potential volunteers.