A GWENT man who threatened to kill his neighbour in what he described as an “angry drunken stupor” was sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court on Friday.

Robert Williams of Tabernacle Court in Ebbw Vale threatened neighbour Taylor Pagett with a knife, and warned her to stay away from her home, during the strange ordeal on the afternoon of November 1 last year. 

The court heard how Williams, 58, was awoken by shouting outside his flat at 3pm in the afternoon, by which point he’d already drunk 10 cans of lager that day.

He left his flat with a kitchen knife and made threats to Ms Pagett, and warned her to stay away from the area.

Ms Pagett suffered no physical injuries; but prosecutor Meirion Davies told the court how the victim had temporarily moved away from her home due to fear after the incident, and she said the ordeal has affected her mental health.

Defending, Jeffrey Jones said Williams had no relevant previous convictions – the last coming in 2006, and said he has struggled for a long period with alcohol.

“Where the neighbours live is no more than a metre away from each other, and there have been no repeat offences,” he said.


“On the day of the incident he was awoken and was responding to a dream he thought he was experiencing. He reacted in a frightened manner to the shouting he had heard.

“He does not carry a knife, and he is someone who poses low risk of further offending.”

A representative of Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service said Williams has been making progress.

Recorder David Harris summarised: “It seems to me your own description of being in an ‘angry drunken stupor’ is fair and accurate here.

“This was a serious incident. You had the wherewithal to pick up a knife and confront the victim outside your front door.

“You threatened her with the knife and said if she came again she would be killed.

“This has clearly been a terrifying incident for the victim, who continues to be affected.

“I am persuaded by the letter I have received from the Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service that you have a strong chance of rehabilitation.”

Williams received a 10-month sentence, suspended for two years, and was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £156.