A BURGLAR broke into a couple’s house and went straight to the fridge to steal food because he was “starving”.

Kieran Davies, 34, was caught raiding the Mendalgief Road property in the Pill area of Newport by a startled homeowner.

Abigail Jackson, prosecuting, said the man was sleeping downstairs in the lounge when Davies forced his way in through a conservatory door at night.

The complainant's wife was asleep upstairs.

Miss Jackson told Cardiff Crown Court: “The victim was awoken and he could see a male – now known as this defendant – shining a light in his fridge.

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“He told him, ‘What are you doing? Get out.

“The defendant replied, ‘I am starving. I’m looking for food.’”

Davies, of Watch House Parade, Newport, then fled empty-handed and was arrested shortly afterwards by the police.

Miss Jackson said the defendant left a fingerprint on the fridge which linked him to the crime.

Detectives also found a footmark in the house which matched the defendant’s Adidas trainers.

Davies pleaded guilty to burglary with intent.

The offence was committed during the early hours of December 22, 2020.

Miss Jackson told how the female victim said in a statement: “I feel violated and our privacy was intruded upon.”

The court was told the defendant has 27 previous convictions for 70 offences, including 44 for “theft and kindred offences”.

Davies is also currently serving a 14-month prison sentence for a domestic and non-dwelling burglary.

Speaking of his latest offence, Harry Baker, representing the defendant, said: “This was a particularly ineffective burglary, but it was a burglary.

“He’s a young man who’s gone completely off the rails

“The defendant has committed a spate of offences and has already been punished for that – he is serving 14 months in jail”

Mr Baker also said Davies had personal mitigation in that his client had lost both parents and a sister to cancer.

He added how another sister had been diagnosed with the disease.

The judge, Recorder Bilal Siddique, jailed Davies for six months which will run consecutively with his current jail term.

The defendant will have to pay a victim surcharge following his release from prison.