NEWPORT City Council has denied claims from taxi drivers that there are not enough ranks in the city.

Drivers held a go-slow protest in Newport on Tuesday, claiming that spaces had been “snatched” from them and there were insufficient places for them to pick up customers.

But the council has refuted those claims.

A spokesman said: “Newport has 52 taxi bays available for use in the city centre and can confirm that no bays have been removed recently.


“The council will continue to work with local taxi companies and license holders to ensure the best possible access options for residents and visitors to the city.”

The drivers want the Corn Street rank to be extended, a night rank on Bridge Street and Cambrian Road, a night rank on Queensway, and a rank at the railway station.

Alan McCarthy, from the union Unite, said the protest was a sign of the frustration felt among the drivers, and he warned that more could follow..

He added: “The drivers feel they have no alternative now..

“It seems as though the dialogue, that at one time was constructive, has fallen short.”