TWO Newport brothers are completing a good citizen double whammy by raising money for a children’s charity while cleaning up the environment.

Eric Jones, nine, and his brother Idris, seven, are being sponsored to pick up litter for 100 days. They are completing the challenge on their way home from school in Alway and on days out.

South Wales Argus: Idris, Eric and Denise Jones from Alway

Idris, Eric and Denise Jones from Alway

South Wales Argus: Idris Jones from Alway

Idris Jones from Alway

The money they raise will go to Action for Children.

Eric said: “We are litter picking because we want to do our bit for the environment. We’ve decided we want to pick up the rubbish we see and put it in the bin, and also recycle what we can.

“It stops animals getting hurt and makes the place look nicer. We started on our walks home from school, which made us feel proud of ourselves and like we were making a positive difference.”

Idris said: “We are children, and we want to raise a lot of money for other children who need help. Clearing litter while helping children like us is why we chose Action for Children.”


Mum Denise Jones, who is proud of her boys, said: “Eric and Idris are both enjoying their challenge and it’s become part of what they do, often without thinking, so they will definitely be carrying on past 100 days.

“I’m incredibly proud of them for wanting to go out and pick up the rubbish and recycle as well. I think it’s a wonderful thing they’re doing.

“I was pleased they wanted to raise money too and it made sense to choose Action for Children and make a difference to children who need extra support. It’s inspiring their friends and family too, which is brilliant.”

South Wales Argus: Eric, Denise and Idris Jones from Alway

Eric, Denise and Idris Jones from Alway

South Wales Argus: Idris Jones with a beer box found on a litter pick

Idris Jones with a beer box found on a litter pick

Nina Rice, Action for Children’s fundraising regional manager for Bristol, Bath and South Wales, said: ‘Eric and Idris are truly inspirational boys. To come up with a challenge that not only helps the environment, but vulnerable children and families is fantastic. It takes real commitment to clear litter for 100 days in all weathers so we’re very grateful for their amazing efforts and for choosing Action for Children as their charity. Thank you, boys.’

To support Eric and Idris in their 100-day litter challenge go to