A FORMER railway tunnel is Usk has been closed to public access after reports of bricks and debris falling from the ceiling.

The tunnel, just off Porthycarne Street, was previously used by walkers in the area.

However, Highways England has secured the portions of the structure which are within their care.

Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) is now working to secure the remainder of the tunnel for public safety.

A metal fence has been erected at the entrance to the structure to prevent access.


Bricks and debris are reported to have fallen from the tunnel ceiling in "various locations" along its length.

The closure, according to MCC, is a temporary solution until repairs can be undertaken.

A council spokesperson said: “Following reports of bricks and debris falling from the roof of the tunnel at various locations, Highways England, who own ex-railway structures, have secured the portions of the tunnel in their legal ownership.

"As the rest of the tunnel remains a risk to the public, although not the legal owners, MCC are exercising its duty of care to its residents and are in the process of restricting access to the remaining areas of the tunnel.

“This is a temporary solution until the ownership issues are resolved and permanent repairs can be made. These repairs are likely to take some time to conduct due to the nature of the structure. Until these have been undertaken and completed these measures will remain in place."