A WOMAN living in Abergavenny has warned dog owners in the area to be alert after she says a man tried to steal her dog weeks after she noticed white string left wrapped around her fence.

Three weeks ago Stephanie Addis says she called the police after discovering the white string on her fence, as she had suspicions it could be something to do with a recent spate of attempted pet thefts in South Wales.

South Wales Argus: Stephanie and her son

Stephanie Addis and her son

And on April 24, after her dog Byson was let out into the front garden to go to the toilet not long after midnight, she says she is convinced a man tried to take him.

“I let him in the garden and went back in the house for two minutes to get his treats as I usually would,” she explained.

“Then my partner and I heard him barking. We ran out to the garden and saw a man that looked around my own age [mid twenties] next to the fence.


“He saw us and moved up towards the road between some bushes, looked back and noticed my partner was coming out after him, and he ran.

“The man was a white male, mid twenties to early thirties, wearing a white hoodie, with something blue on the front and grey joggers.

“We were lucky our dog barks at everyone that goes near our fence and he is a big dog.

“I was angry and I still am. Nobody should feel scared to be able to let their dog out in the garden.”

Ms Addis says she remains convinced the white string attached to her fence was related to the incident, but the police have not made any connection.

South Wales Argus: Stephanie's son and Byson

Stephanie's son and Byson


“I was very suspicious of the marking because a lady nearby got attacked at the canal here, and they tried to take her dog. We have heard of attempted thefts in the area.

“We’re staying extra vigilant now. Our dog is a Staffy and we think they want him due to his breed.”

A spokeswoman for Gwent Police said: “At approximately 1.30am on April 24 we received a call reporting a man on a path outside an address [in Abergavenny]. No offences were identified.”

  • We have removed exact addresses from this article at the request of the dog’s owner.