VISITORS have been banned from a property in Cwmbran after neighbours complained of persistent problems with anti-social behaviour.

Torfaen Council has been granted a closure order on the property, meaning visitors are not allowed without asking the council or Gwent Police first.

Neighbours had complained about "unacceptable levels of nuisance" connected to the property since the beginning of the year.


Torfaen Council's executive member for corporate governance and performance Cllr David Yeowell said: “It is regrettable this level of action has been necessary and we did not seek this order lightly, but it demonstrates that where high levels of anti-social behaviour affects the community, we are willing and able to act to protect the quality of life of residents in Torfaen.

"Our aim is always to intervene early and stop any nuisance behaviour but in this case, court action was necessary. It now means that if anyone visits the property without permission and enters the premises after seeing the notice which is clearly visible, they can be arrested and charged with breach of the Closure Order.

"If you’re suffering from anti-social behaviour please contact the council on 01495 762200 or email”

The order will remain in place for three months.