ALTHOUGH many people are keen for lockdown to end in Wales there are aspects that some people may miss.

Our sister title the Barry and District News asked their readers on Facebook if they'd miss anything about lockdown when it ends. While some were adamant they'd miss nothing about lockdown and restrictions others found positives among the negativity.

Here are eight things people said they will miss when lockdown ends...

Less traffic

South Wales Argus:

(Picture: SWA Camera Club member Brian Phillips)

The reduction in traffic proved to be the most popular side effect of lockdown in Wales, based on reader's responses.

Many people said they would miss the 'quiet roads' with Tracy Bennett adding that she'd miss "hearing the birds minus the traffic."

No crowds

South Wales Argus:

(Picture: Ben Birchall/PA)

Many people said they would miss the lack of crowds, particularly on beaches.

Lisa Elliott said she would miss "less traffic, peace, people out in small family groups walking, less rushing about."

Less rushing

South Wales Argus:

Many people commented that they would miss the laidback aspects of lockdown, with society slowing down and less rushing around.

Simon James wrote: "[I will miss] The quiet roads and a slower pace of life. Hopefully the world has learned something from this, otherwise it was just meaningless."

Spending more time with the family

South Wales Argus:

Although some people enjoyed socialising less in lockdown, some have enjoyed having more time with family or housemates.

Harriet Valentino posted: "I loved spending time with my husband and children. It [lockdown] taught me to be more environmentally conscious, pushed me into growing more fruit and veg and becoming more sustainable in life."


One way systems

South Wales Argus:

(Picture: Ed Nix)

Some have said they will miss one way systems in shops and towns.

Laura Densley-Atkinson wrote: "[I will miss] The one way system in town! When you're walking with a pram or on a mobility scooter/wheelchair then you don’t have people cutting you up."

Giving nature a chance

South Wales Argus:

(Picture: Camera Club member Colin Edmunds)

Another side effect of lockdown in Wales is that it's given nature a chance to flourish, with less human disruption.

Yvonne Wheeler posted: "[I will miss] Peace outside, no bustling traffic, and giving nature a chance to feel freedom from so many humans rushing around."

The mask 'disguise'

South Wales Argus:

Although some will be keen to scrap masks and face coverings, some have praised the mask for disguising themselves from people they know.

James Mason wrote: "[I will miss] Restricted numbers in supermarkets and the disguise that the mask provides. Instead going back to avoiding people in supermarkets so as not to get embroiled in a painful web of small talk and then, once the initial episode is finally over, seeing them again every other aisle and having to smile or raise your eyebrows in further recognition of our mutual presence, usually resulting in me abandoning the shopping trolley after bumping into them for the eighth time and returning to the store at 6am instead."

Saving money

South Wales Argus:

With 'non-essential' shops closed for a long time some people found themselves spending less (while others took to the internet for some retail therapy).

Tracey Adams said: "No where has been open so I've spent nothing, saving a nice bit of money."