RESIDENTS in the Newport West area may have received a rather interesting piece of election post recently.

All the parties have been pushing leaflets through doors or sending them out in the post as part of their campaigns ahead of the Senedd elections on Thursday, May 6.

However, one leaflet, said to have been pushed through the doors of the western side of the city has got people talking.

The leaflet says it comes from the ‘Welsh Nude & Proud Party’ with their candidate Dennis Smith. It has caused quite a stir on social media with users taking notice of the various statistics – and the grammatical errors.

The leaflet says that a vote for Mr Smith would be a vote for a ‘confident candidate, less restrictions, to re-nude Newport centre and a vote for a more natural Wales.’

The leaflet also states that ‘statistics show that naked men are ninety times less likely to be mugged.’

However, while this may be a bit of fun, there is in fact no candidate for the Welsh Nude & Proud Party standing in the Senedd elections. There is no indication of it being a real party either with the printed website and email address both being unreachable.


Here are the candidates for Newport West:

• Kevin Anthony Boucher – Reform UK

• Jayne Bryant – Labour

• Jonathan Thomas Clark – Plaid Cymru

• Michael James Enea – Conservative

• Steve Walter Marsh – Freedom Alliance. No Lockdowns. No Curfews.

• John Edmunds Miller – Liberal Democrats

• Amelia Womack – Green Party