A MAN from Milford Haven has been fined and had points added to his licence after admitting driving erratically on a road in Carmarthenshire.

A dash-cam caught Thomas William Smith, 36, from Richard John Road, Milford Haven, driving along the A40 at Nantyci, Carmarthen, without due care and attention.

The dash-cam driver was travelling towards Carmarthen in the outside lane and was in the process of going to overtake a vehicle ahead.

The defendant was following this vehicle, tailgating with his lights on and he undertook the vehicle and then pulled back out into the outside lane in front of it.


The defendant continued travelling towards Carmarthen. On travelling under the Johnstown Flyover, the defendant, for no apparent reason, veered within his lane and then veered over the edge of carriageway markings on his offside narrowly avoiding colliding with a crash barrier.

The standard of driving was described as falling well below that of a reasonable and competent driver.

The incident took place on Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

Smith pleaded guilty at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Wednesday, April 28

He was fined £45, made to pay charges of £159 and had three points added to his licence.