ADAM Deacon, who rose to fame starring in Noel Clark’s Kidulthood, has launched a blistering attack on Clarke who has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Last week, Clarke was suspended by Bafta after 20 women who knew Clarke in a professional capacity came forward and made allegations about him to The Guardian newspaper.

The actor and producer recently received an outstanding British contribution to cinema award which the academy has also suspeneded “in light of the allegations of serious misconduct”.


Adam Deacon, who has worked with Noel Clark on a number of projects has now spoken out on the allegations saying he “wholeheartedly believes every single word”.

In a lengthy statement, he said: "I would like to start by saying I stand by all the women who have spoken out and told of their harrowing experiences with Noel Clarke.

"I wholeheartedly believe every single word and I hope that anyone who is yet to come forward with information will be listened to.

"I myself have been a victim of Noel Clarke for 15 years. My career was continually sabotaged and the gas lighting became so severe that it led to the complete breakdown of my mental health.

"As you will know, I have spoken out regarding this man's sociopathic behaviour on multiple occasions but my claims were always dismissed. People dealing with mental health may at times explain things differently but they should still be believed."

He added: "I am extremely grateful for all the support that I have been shown over the last few days. While recent events have served as a small vindication for me I am beyond saddened by the pain that so many people have had to endure at the hands of Noel Clarke.

"I am now looking towards a fresh start and focusing all my time and energy on my acting career."

Clarke is best known for his roles in Doctor Who and co-creating The Hood Trilogy, in which he stars.

He was appearing in Viewpoint on ITV before it was pulled from the TV schedule on Friday in light of the allegations.

In response to the report in The Guardian, Clarke said: “In a 20-year career, I have put inclusivity and diversity at the forefront of my work and never had a complaint made against me.

“If anyone who has worked with me has ever felt uncomfortable or disrespected, I sincerely apologise.

“I vehemently deny any sexual misconduct or wrongdoing and intend to defend myself against these false allegations.”