VOTERS across Newport and Gwent have expressed frustration after reports of queues of more than two hours at polling stations.

Some have described the situation as a "farce" with others saying delays meant the "election is a sham".

There were reports of people having to wait for more than an hour and walking away before casting their votes.

Polls opened at 7am on Thursday and closed at 10pm in the first election since the legislature was renamed as the Welsh Parliament or Senedd, and the first to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote.

Changes to ensure social distancing at polling stations were thought to have been the reason behind the long queues seen outside several on Thursday.

That included at Allt-yr-yn.

Conservative candidate for Newport West Michael Enea said he had received "numerous complaints from residents about the continual queuing at the polling station."

He added: "Some have just given up, to walk away, and try again later. Not good."

Alison Davies, who was voting in Langstone, said: "An hour waiting in a queue at Langstone which for older people is crazy.

"We can go shopping and mix with other people but only one household at a time in polling station."

Another twitter user, in Caldicot, said: "10.15pm at night and my ward is still queuing to vote.

"There were over 70 people still in line at 10pm.

"Most have queued for over an hour and a half and have returned for the second or third time. Everyone has seen others leave without voting."

They added: "Yesterday's election was a disgrace. People in my ward were prevented from voting due to lack of facilities and the long queues that caused.

"I don't care how you vote, if you aren't able to vote, the election is a sham."

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