MEMBERS of our We Grew Up in Newport Facebook group have been reminiscing about Newport's links the music scene down the years after one member, Clive Noble, shared a picture of frontman of The Clash, Joe Strummer, working as a grave digger at St Woolos Cemetery.

South Wales Argus: Joe Strummer, who was then known as Woody, at St Woolos Cemetery in the 1970s

He said: "Not sure if this is true."

His comment brought back memories for a number of 10,800 members of the popular Facebook group.

The picture was taken in 1973 before The Clash was formed when Joe Strummer, then known as Woody, spent time in Newport.

Wayen Morgan asked: "Digger or filler? Digger is pretty skilled job. Filling is lot easier."

And Teresa Tegs-Sillett replied: "He was a digger. He dug with my late uncle."

Lucy Ramsey said: "Joe Strummer, then calling himself Woody, lived in Pentonville in the early 70s."

There is a plaque on the house he lived in during that time.

Jacob Evan Richards-Powell said: "This is true. He also spent a lot of time in lectures at the art college despite not being enrolled. There is a black plaque on the house he resided in in Pentonville."

And Cheryl D Goddard added: "I lived in his old flat at Pentonville with the plaque on."


Sally-Ann Morgan said: "Two hundred per cent true. He loved Newport. The plaque is on the front of the house opposite the Railway Tandoori, behind the train station. My daughter lived there for years."

David Reardon said: "He was always in the Students Union on Stow Hill. A band I was playing in at the time would rehearse there, and he would come in and watch us. He always was around with a student glam rock band called Crapso, but I don`t think they ever played a gig. Another band that used to rehearse up there was called Heads of the Valleys, a folk/rock band who's lead guitar/vocalist was Green Gartside, who went on to, and still is in Scritti Politti."

Reg Chalker added: "Also in the Vulcans or Vultures with my mate Jeff Cooper on drums. Sadly Jeff is no longer with us - he has a paragraph in Joe's book though. Jeff drove hearses and worked in the Royal Gwent Hospital in the morgue, a connection there. I often wonder what Jeff would have thought about Woody becoming Joe."