IT WASN’T just the Senedd elections happening in Newport on Thursday and Friday.

Residents in Victoria had their eyes set on their council ward by-election – won comfortably today by Farzina Hussain of Welsh Labour.

Ms Hussain won 1,138 votes, and officially replaces Christine Jenkins who left the role last March due to ill health.



The Victoria ward covers the area around Maindee and was temporarily served by Labour councillor Abdul-Majid Rahman, who Ms Hussain thanked for his “constant support”.

Dr Mike Hamilton of the Liberal Democrats received 402 votes, Muhammad Tariq of the Conservatives received 259 votes, and Tariq Khan received 167.

Reacting to her victory, Ms Hussain said: “I’m delighted to be elected as the next councillor of the Victoria ward.

“I’d like to thank all those voters of the Victoria ward – even those who didn’t vote for me. I’m here to serve you all and I am committed to doing my very best as councillor.

“I’d like to thank my agent Deb Davies, and everyone who helped my campaign efforts.

“I’m born and brought up in Victoria, and I’m aware of the needs of the constituents.

“I think you need to be among your constituents to know their needs and wants, and how you can serve them best. I will do my utmost to serve them and sort their issues.”