PLAID Cymru cemented its hold on the Carmarthen East and Dinefwr seat as party leader Adam Price romped to victory.

He won with 14,427 votes in 2016 and eclipsed that this time round, polling 15,261 votes.

Labour’s Rob James was runner-up with 8,448 votes, with Welsh Conservative Havard Hughes third with 7,751.

There were five candidates in the running.

The seat has been won by Plaid since 1999, with incumbent and former MP Mr Price serving since 2016 and, before that, Rhodri Glyn Jones.

In a rousing victory speech, Mr Price said he had never felt as positive as he did now for the future of Wales.

Wales, he said, was on the move and on the march, judging by conversations he had had with voters. There was, he said, a rising self-confidence.

But he also reflected on persistent inequality and poverty.

“The answers won’t come from Westminster,” said Mr Price.

He claimed there was “corruption, incompetence and elitism” in Westminster.

“We will never be a priority for them.”

He added: “There is nothing inevitable about the problems we face as a nation. We have got to take the future into our own hands – that was the positive message at the heart of our campaign.

“My message to 16 and 17-year-olds is, don’t give up hope.

“We made progress in this election. Why? Because we made independence the main question.”

Before Thursday’s election, Carmarthen-born Mr Price said he would focus on getting broadband speeds, better access to housing, better transport links by road and rail, and council tax reform.

Full results:

  • Adam Price (Plaid Cymru) 15,261
  • Rob James (Labour) 8,448
  • Havard Hughes (Conservative) 7,751
  • Monica French (Lib-Dem) 975
  • Karl Pollard (Reform UK) 818

Turnout 56.5 per cent