A MARTIAL arts professional will represent Newport in a competition tonight.

Matthew Rosier, who recently re-opened Newport Kickboxing Academy, will be competing in the Virtual Worlds Tournaments’ Best of the Best Series B event tonight.

Mr Rosier – who has taken part in martial arts all his life – will be representing Newport, and Wales as a whole, and will be competing against three others representing the USA, Sweden, and France.

Mr Rosier said: “It’s not so much fighting – martial arts is also about competing and showmanship.

“It’s a nice thing to do, not just kicking and punching, and can help people’s mental and physical health.

“I’m nervous about tonight. I’ve already won competitions, but the best of the best is against three other competitors and there’s prizes and sponsorship for the winner.”

Newport Kickboxing Academy previously ran for around three years, up until 2015, but was put on hold as Mr Rosier had twins and a one-year-old daughter to look after.

Now that his children are a bit older and he’s got more time on his hands he recently re-opened Newport Kickboxing Academy which will offer a mixture of paid for classes and free classes, including separate classes for children who face mental health problems or are verbally challenged.

The venue has a hero theme for youngsters, which has gathered ‘more interest than basic martial arts’ and includes Spiderman coming in.

Newport Kickboxing Academy flyer

Matthew Rosier will share the link to the competition, which kicks off at 9pm (UK time) tonight via his Facebook www.facebook.com/matthew.rosier.526