MORE than £93,000 has been raised for a mother who has terminal cancer.

Justine Jianikos, from Pontypool, faced a seven-month delay in her diagnosis, which gave her cancer time to spread.

Ms Jianikos first visited her GP in March 2020 with concerns about breast cancer symptoms. A swab was taken but the matter wasn’t investigated further.

South Wales Argus: Justine with friends Hannah Jeffers (left) and Lily Edwards (right) - Picture: Justine Jianikos

Justine Jianikos with friends Hannah Jeffers (left) and Lily Edwards (right). Picture: Justine Jianikos

The 30-year-old returned in May the same year saying she had noticed a lump – she was told it was fatty tissue and nothing to worry about.

In September last year she contacted her GP again, as the lump had changed, and was referred to the breast clinic – there was a three-month waiting list and on December 21 2020 her biopsy results confirmed that she has stage four triple negative breast cancer, which has spread to her spine, lymp nodes and - most likely - her lungs.

Since then friends and family have rallied around the mother-of-three to raise money for life-extending treatment so she can make memories with her loved ones, including her daughters Josie, Halle, and Ruby.

Her brother, Michael Francis, and others ran five marathons in five days to raise money and awareness and a Facebook page has been set up with fundraising information and opportunities.


Mr Francis previously said he was 'overwhelmed' by the generous donations, with the fifth and final marathon completed on April 18.

The fundraising total has now hit £93,000, with more coming in every day.

Ms Jianikos has now finished her last round of chemotherapy and the money raised will go towards life extending treatment.

Her sister, Amy McCann said: “She might not think it, but she has absolutely smashed it.

“Having the life sucked out of her, while looking after three children and running a house, and she still just go on with life as normal as she can.

South Wales Argus: Justine Jianikos with daughters Josie (left), Halle (middle) and Ruby (right) (Picture: Justine Jianikos)

Justine Jianikos with daughters Josie (left), Halle (middle) and Ruby (right) (Picture: Justine Jianikos)

“We have raised over £93,000… it is mind-blowing how amazing people are. Myself and my family are so very very grateful.

“Jus will now use this money for alternative treatment to prolong her life, so thank you all so so much.”