A RUSSIAN supermarket, which claims to be cheaper than both Aldi and Lidl is preparing to open two stores in Wales this summer - with Caldicot one of the locations.

Mere will be an unfamiliar name to many shoppers, but from July stores will begin to spring up across the country.

The Russian firm's first store is to open in Preston in July, but Mere have confirmed that the Caldicot branch will also be "opening soon".

The firm plans to open 'at least' 200 stores within a five-to-10-year timeframe.

Mere, which was founded in Siberia in 2009, currently has around 3,000 stores internationally. The first European Mere store opened in 2018.


A spokesperson said: "We are launching a network throughout the UK, and we are planning to open at least 200 self-service stores within next 5-10 years.

"Now, in such a difficult times, we consider it’s our mission to provide each region with the presence of our stores in support of the population.

"Our partnerships are built not only with large manufacturers, we are also focused on local manufacturers and will be happy to provide each of them with an opportunity to work with the retail chain. "Our business concept allows us to adapt to specific national and regional consumer needs. Close interaction with regional manufacturers and suppliers allows us to build trust."