A POPULAR Cardiff cheese store has opened a new branch in Abergavenny.

Madame Fromage opened a brand new store on Nevill Street today.

With a daily portfolio of more than 150 different cheeses sourced from award winning seasonal farmhouse producers and a comprehensive delicatessen and patisserie range, Madame Fromage has become one of the best specialist cheese shops in the country.

In a post on social media, the store said: “For our first week if you spend £20 or more you’ll receive a free Madame Fromage bag for life

“This week we will be open 11am until 5pm from Tuesday to Saturday.

“It is mostly a deli with a micro cafe element, offering outside seating (no reservations).

“From next week onwards you will be able to collect the food boxes etc as well.”

An outdoor seating area has been set up.

There are also the customary shelves packed with cheeses and drinks.