The South Wales Argus Camera Club has more than 4,400 members and we regularly feature their pictures both in paper and online.

But we thought it would be good to find out more about the people who make up the club.

If you are a member of the club and want to be part of the our Behind the Lens feature go to and fill out the easy to use Q&A.

South Wales Argus: Hi I'm Sarah Biggs aged 39 mum to 4 amazing Boys! Milo aged 15,Cody aged 13,Brandon aged 10 and Hiro aged 4.I have a amazing partner Marc who supports my interest in photography and would love to mention my Dad David Biggs for helping me get intoToday we meet Sarah Biggs, 39, of Newport, who is a stay-at-home mum and carer to two of her boys who have disabilities.

When and why did you take up photography?

My father was a keen photographer and I helped him on weddings. I had the bug from then.

Why do you love taking pictures?

I love capturing moments that you can look back on. When I was growing up my dad, David Biggs, would take so many photos but I now appreciate it so much as I look back. They bring back great memories. I also find going out taking photos is a way of relaxation and winding down for me, and the excitement of going home and looking back the photos you took and sometimes realising you captured either a great moment and a picture of nature in that split second.

Where is your favourite place to take pictures and why?

I love taking pictures locally around Rogerstone and Risca but my favourite place has to be Tredegar House. I have four children. Two who have disabilities but they love our walks around Tredegar House. We love spotting birds and nature and they have the freedom to explore. I love capturing those moments of them being free and wild

What equipment do you use?

Canon 50d

South Wales Argus: My son Hiro aged 4 in front of a art piece in Friars walkWhat is the favourite picture you have taken?

My favourite picture is the art mural of a umbrella under a rain of rainbows with my son Hiro, aged four, holding the umbrella. It's in Friars Walk.

Why did you join the SWACC?

I enjoy the weekly themes. It gives me incentive to get out for walks with my children and it helps me mentally as I find taking photos is my place of enjoyment. I also love seeing how many amazing talented photographers that are in Gwent and their amazing work. It's great to get feedback on your own work too.

What advice would you give anyone who wants to get into photography?

You don't have to have the most expensive camera. It's about the eye. Just try and go out there and explore and experiment. Find out which part and subject you enjoy and the more you try the more you will learn.

If you could photograph anyone or any place who/what would it be and why?

It would be a great white shark in the waters off South Africa as I've always had a fascination with sharks.