NURSERY children in a Caerphilly school have been getting stuck into their own mini-supermarket – with thanks to a neighbouring store.

The Twyn School nursery have been given a number of items including toy checkouts and baskets by Asda Caerphilly to allow them to have a more authentic experience of playing shop and also enhancing their learning by applying counting and social skills in a real-life scenario.

Trisha John, a teacher in the nursery, said: “Asda is out most local supermarket, so the children have a lot of experience of being in a genuine Asda superstore while shopping with their parents.

“We like to give children the opportunity to role play and when we asked the children if they like to have their own Asda, they were so excited. We contacted Sophie to see if she could help and she was great. We didn’t want to have other branded things in there when they are most familiar with Asda.


“The children have now made a big Asda sign and little pricing labels! They absolutely love it. They are like little old men and ladies in there sometimes – its hysterical to watch. They are using a tannoy system to put calls out too and they also have someone handing out hand sanitiser – so they’re sticking to Covid rules.

“They are role playing with money, so they are giving out change to the children and they are paying with credit cards too which is exactly what you need in society today. They are working on shape as they have to fit the items into bags, and they are learning social and language skills too as they’re talking to each other.”

Asda Caerphilly’s community champion Sophie Picton said: “The photos they sent in show just how much they are enjoying their very own Asda. The children are learning how to use money, improve their counting skills and also how important Asda colleagues are to their community. They were so thankful, they even sent me a beautiful card which the children have all signed.”