A NINE-YEAR-OLD military child from New Inn has set up a school club to support other children whose parents are serving in the armed forces.

Gregor Allan, whose dad serves in the Royal Air Force, asked his teachers if he could set up the club for these students to share their experiences of military life and to support each other when their parents are serving away from home.

He was inspired to start the club after coming up with ideas and activities to support his five-year-old sister, Isla, while their dad was serving on a tour of duty overseas.


New Inn Primary School has more than 600 pupils, eight of whom come from military families.

Gregor has now been recognised by the charity Little Troopers - which supports children who have parents serving in the armed forces - for setting up the club, and was named their ‘Little Trooper of the Month’ for April.

Mrs Knight, the teaching assistant who nominated Gregor, said: “Gregor approached me and asked if it might be possible to set-up a club for military children so we asked the other students and they were all very eager to join.

“Our first meeting was really heart-warming. They talked with such pride about being part of a military family. All agreed that it was great to be able to chat to someone who understood that a parent might be away for important dates, such as birthdays, Christmas or even parents' evenings.

“They spoke about their pride but also the worry they feel when a parent is away on a tour of duty.

“We designed medals and decided that it would be great to have regular meetings. Gregor, once again, came armed with some suggestions for meetings which his peers loved.

“I’m over the moon that Gregor has been recognised by Little Troopers for his proactive and thoughtful attitude. He is one of the most considerate, hardworking and caring pupils I have had the pleasure of working with.”

Gregor’s mum, Bethan, said: “Gregor is such a kind caring boy. As soon as he knew his dad was deploying he went in protective mode of wanting to make sure ‘his girls’ were safe and looked after.

“He never showed a second thought for his own feelings. New Inn Primary and Mrs Knight have been a massive protective factor for Gregor offering a safe space to explore his own feelings and what it means to be a military child in a non-military area.

“Gregor’s confidence has grown and he wanted to share his new found pride as a military child with the other children and for them to never to feel they are alone.

“As parents our hearts are bursting with pride at Gregor’s nomination. Gregor is already planning on how he can support Little Troopers in the future.”

Louise Fetigan, founder of Little Troopers, said: “Gregor is a shining example of a military child using their experiences to help other Little Troopers going through the same thing.

“To want to help others in a similar situation is something really special.

“Well done, Gregor you should be really proud of helping create your school club for military children and we are very pleased to award you Little Trooper of the Month.”

Gregor will receive a special medal, certificate and prize as part of his award.