WITH restrictions gradually easing in Wales some may be hoping to visit Barry Island.

Barry Island has 24 beach huts - which are up and running and ready to be booked - on Whitmore Bay, which provide a useful base for families and groups of people visiting.

The beach huts - based on either side of the climbing wall and the water mist feature - have ample storage space, a private area to change, and offer scenic views of Whitmore Bay.

Barry Island's beach huts vary in size - the small huts are 2.5m x 1.8m and offer a convenient base for people hoping to explore the coastline, while the larger huts (2.4m x 2.5m) also have access to running water. Both small and large huts have electrical sockets.


People can book Barry Island's beach huts online here or by calling 01446 700111. Details - including price and time periods - are below.

The small huts are £19 per day and the large huts are £32.50 per day during peak season (until October 31, 2021) with reduced prices during the winter months.

Huts are available from 10am-8pm during peak periods (6pm in off-peak times and 10pm during the school summer holiday period).

Although there is a no refund policy on the beach hut bookings people can amend their booking date - subject to availability - if needed.