TWO thugs were jailed after customers in a pub were kicked and attacked with a pool cue in a “disgraceful episode of drunken violence”.

Owen Graham and Zac Veryard caused mayhem at the George in the Maindee area of Newport on a Saturday night.

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They launched unprovoked assaults on two men, Nathan Rees and Benjamin Loughton, while a woman, Varri Watson, was injured when the pool cue was swung around.

Nuhu Gobir, prosecuting, told Cardiff Crown Court: “Mr Graham was lying on top of the pool table.


“The landlord, Jason Evans, told him to get off the table.

“Mr Graham reacted aggressively and told him not to talk to him like that and said he was a boxer.”

South Wales Argus:

Owen Graham

Mr Gobir said Graham got down from the pool table and went to sit next to Mr Rees before he attacked him.

“He threw four or five punches to his head. Mr Rees could feel blood coming from his mouth and felt pain to his front teeth,” said Mr Gobir.

Graham then picked up the cue and Mr Loughton was struck and knocked to the floor.

South Wales Argus:

Zac Veryard

“Mr Veryard ran towards him and kicked him. As Mr Graham was swinging the pool cue, it accidentally hit Miss Watson’s hand.”

Mr Rees lost a tooth and needed stitches for his mouth.

Mr Loughton had a 1cm cut on his scalp and a fractured little finger.

Miss Watson suffered a broken finger and the court was told how it has affected her career as a commis chef.

Graham, 25, of Cae Brynton Road, Newport, and Veryard, also 25, of Maesglas Avenue, Newport, both pleaded guilty to affray and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The offences took place on September 1, 2020.

Graham had four previous convictions for eight offences, including assaulting a police officer and being drunk and disorderly.

Scott Bowen, representing Graham, said: “He is deeply ashamed of his behaviour and has shown genuine remorse.

“He’s thankful that he didn’t cause more serious harm than he did. He was gambling and drinking to excess at the time.”

Julia Cox, mitigating for Veryard, said: “He had been drinking to excess following the break-up of a long-term relationship.

“This is his first offence for violence. He’s shocked, ashamed and embarrassed about his behaviour.”

Judge Rhys Rowlands told the defendants: “This was a disgraceful episode of drunken violence. It was an ugly, frightening incident.

“Both of you had far too much to drink. You Mr Graham said you had spent £200 on vodka and Red Bull.

“Mr Veryard you said you couldn’t remember what happened in the pub.

“This was the last place I would have wanted to be that evening.

“Mr Rees suffered an unpleasant injury. He lost a tooth and was unable to eat for a few weeks.”

Graham was jailed for 12 months and Veryard sent to prison for 10 months.