LLANGWYM'S Clare's Cottage - a beautiful stone-walled country bed and breakfast - has been visited by the team filming Escape To The Country.

Alistair Appleton, the TV show's presenter, was pictured holding an umbrella in the blustery weather outside the cottage, along with some of the backstage crew.

The owner of Clare's Cottage, Sophie McCann, said: "It was a great day - not even the weather could dampen our spirits. It was just a pleasure having the crew there to film my cottage."


The BBC One series takes people looking to relocate to a place in the country, and finds some rather idyllic places which they think will suit them and their requirements.

The last time Pembrokeshire was featured in the show was in January for its 21st series.

In episode 14, a woman looking to escape from Surrey viewed properties in Pembrokeshire with a whopping budget of £900,000.

To find out more about what they have been filming in Pembrokeshire recently, keep an eye out for the series which can be viewed on a weekday at 3pm.