AS transformations go, the changes made to the weed-strewn wilderness that used to be the walled garden at Llanfrechfa Grange, near Cwmbran, are mightily impressive.

And now the public will have a chance to take a look around the garden, at an open day this Saturday, June 5.

Six years ago, this was a forgotten acre on the former site of a Victorian mansion house that subsequently saw service as a boys’ training centre and a hospital.

It once boasted fruit trees and flower and vegetable plots tended by a head gardener with help from patients.

Then came decades of neglect. As hospital life went on around it, the garden fell into disuse.


Since 2015 however, thanks to the efforts of a small but dedicated band of volunteers, the generosity of countless individuals and businesses, and the award of much-needed grants, this is a garden well on the way to a complete rebirth.

Paths have been laid and a number of features installed, but the stars of the show are the multitude of flowers and shrubs that as summer approaches, are coming into their own.

These photographs offer a glimpse of the progress made in the shadow of the now-completed Grange University Hospital - and on Saturday, June 5, people will have the chance to come and see the walled garden for themselves.

The Llanfrechfa Grange Walled Garden Community is hosting a ‘Have A Grow’ Day, including garden tours, fun activities, and plant sales.

Entry is free, and there are three sessions to choose from - 10am-noon; noon-2pm; and 2pm-4pm.

Pre-booking is essential, by email at

For more information on the project, and to get involved, visit llanfrechfawalledgarden,