A TEENAGER who tried to rob a cyclist of his bike near a train station had just taken a cocktail of drink and drugs.

Connor Griffiths was locked up after he punched his victim Michael Lewis twice to the head close to Hengoed train station.

The defendant then walked onto the platform where he assaulted Transport for Wales staff, prosecutor David Pinnell said.

Griffiths was caught for the attempted robbery after Lewis’ son turned detective and made his own enquiries.


He found out the 19-year-old was responsible and tracked him down on social media after finding his Facebook page.

Cardiff Crown Court heard how Mr Lewis was attacked on path by the Junction pub on the afternoon of Saturday, August 22, 2020.

Mr Pinnell said: “The victim was cycling on a path near Hengoed station when he saw a gang of around half a dozen youths.

“They appeared to be intoxicated. Someone called out to Mr Lewis asking him if he had the time.

“He stopped to tell them he didn’t before he was approached by this defendant who was holding a can of cider.

“The defendant swung a punch at Mr Lewis which did not connect and told him, ‘Give me your bike!’

“The victim refused and was punched to each side of the head.

“He then stopped and walked off.”

Mr Pinnell told the court British Transport Police had contacted Gwent Police for assistance after Griffiths had started assaulting railway staff at the station.

The teenager was taken to Cardiff’s University Hospital of Wales over concerns for his health because of the amount of drink and drugs he had taken.

He later told police he could remember little of what had happened that day.

Griffiths admitted he had downed between 50 and 100 Valium tablets in the space of 24 hours.

The defendant, now aged 20, of Ashgrove, Hengoed, Caerphilly, pleaded guilty to attempted robbery.

He was dealt with at a separate court hearing for the assaults on rail staff at Hengoed station.

The court was told Griffiths has eight previous convictions for 27 offences.

He was recently jailed for assaulting emergency workers at Cardiff Central railway station.

Jeffrey Jones, mitigating, said his client had pleaded guilty.

He added: “In his pre-sentence report, there is talk of his remorse.”

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke told Griffiths: “The victim said, ‘This has truly upset me. I was only minding my own business when I was on a bike ride.’”

She sent the defendant to a young offender institution for two years.