AFTER the winter we’ve all just had, isn’t it great to get out and about now the days are warmer and the daylight longer?

Cardiff Bus have added summer specials to their regular services to get you to Cardiff Bay, Penarth Pier and Barry Island. 

From June 26 until August 30 you can hop on an open-top bus from St Mary Street (Wyndham Arcade) in the city centre to Penarth Pier. 

The summer bus stops outside Penarth Pier Pavilion so you can enjoy a stroll along the promenade or wander up the hill to discover the tranquillity of the flower gardens of Alexandra Park and Windsor Gardens.


You can also alight at Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay if that takes your fancy instead.

Day tickets:

  • Adult - £4 on the bus or £3.80 on the app
  • Under 16 or mytravelpass - £2.60 on the bus or £2.50 on the app
  • Group (up to 5 people) - £10
  • Family (up to 5 people, max 2 adults and minimum 1 child), £5.50 on weekends and school holidays or £8.60 during school term. 

To find out more, head here.