ENVIRONMENTAL campaign group Extinction Rebellion will hold events at locations along the Welsh coast today, June 9, to highlight the threat from rising sea levels. 

Activists will be taking part in activities stretching from Swansea to Penmaenmawr in Conwy.

Branding the action 'Make the Wave' environmental groups from across the UK will be holding events in the run up to this G7 conference taking place in Cornwall from weekend

Hannah Schafer, one of the organisers, who lives in New Quay, Ceredigion, blamed extreme weather events in Wales on climate change, which she said is the most notable impact of the “climate crisis” in the UK. 

Ms Schafe said the actions in Wales intend to raise awareness of rising sea levels and local issues such as flooding: “Rather than fossil fuels we are focusing on sea levels rising and flooding. 

“Extreme weather has a major impact on lots of people in this country, it’s one of the most obvious effects of the climate crisis. In other parts of the world it might be forest fires but here flooding is one of the most obvious things we have to contend with and drought. 

“This year we had a very wet winter, no rain in April and a very wet May.” 

As part of the action, XR will hold events at Penmaenmawr beach at Borth and at Aberystwyth seafront. Near Cardigan, Poppit Sands beach will see a protest and at the Mumbles promenade in Swansea. 

“Cardigan was flooded this winter and Aberystwyth seafront was washed away a few years ago in a storm. I don’t think there’s anywhere on the coast that isn’t at risk,” said Ms Schafe. 

Extinction Rebellion has gained headlines for high-profile protests, that have shut down entire city centres, including Cardiff and central London in recent years, but the campaigner said today's events are intended to be good natured.  

“Extinction Rebellion try and protest in a way that everyone can join in with as well as doing more disruptive actions.

"We like to have a protest that families can feel okay to come along to and we want to send the message to the G7 that the climate crisis is happening and it effects all of us and we are trying to do something about it.” 


Events planned include a flash mob litter pick dance at Penmaenmawr, a march from Borth seafront, stall and speakers in Aberystwyth and a flotilla of paddlers in Ceredigion where banners will be dropped from a bridge and a floating village installed on the river while street performers will perform around the town. 

At Poppit Sands near Cardigan there will be an appearance, from around 4pm, by ‘King Canute’ and courtiers who will attempt to hold back the tide while a procession will be held in Mumbles. 

Information on the global and local impacts of climate change will also be available, from Extinction Rebellion and other environmental groups, at the events. 

Extinction Rebellion says more than 90 coastal communities across the UK are taking part and say the events will highlight demand for world leaders, at the G7 summit in Cornwall, to take action on climate change.

  • The article originally appeared on our sister site The National.