A NURSE and her colleague who delivered life-saving first aid after coming across a serious car crash have been commended.

District nurse Joanne Curry and her driver Simon Clifford were nearing the end of their shift with the GP out-of-hours service when they saw a car had crashed and left the carriageway on the A467 near Abertillery.

They discovered the four occupants were injured, two of them seriously.


Ms Curry said: “We had just left a call in Nantyglo and were heading back down the valley to finish when I could see in the distance hazard lights from a car in the carriageway.

“As we got near, I could see that the vehicle was in the bushes on the nearside and was severely damaged.

“I got out to see if I could offer any assistance in my capacity as a nurse, and luckily the emergency equipment I had in the car meant I was able to provide first aid.

“When the fire and ambulance service arrived, I briefed them then supported where I could, by fetching equipment.

“My colleague Simon assisted me in a situation way out of his comfort zone – and mine.”

Mr Clifford said: “It hadn’t long happened when we pulled up to help.

“Joanne was brilliant and just took it completely in her stride; she was straight out of the car and straight over to the patients, shouting to me what I needed to retrieve from the boot.

“It was a trying situation but I’m glad we were able to help in some way.”

When the emergency services arrived, the four occupants of the car were taken to hospital for treatment.

On Wednesday, the pair were presented with certificates from the Welsh Ambulance Service’s chief executive Jason Killens.

Mr Killens said: “This story may have had a different ending had it not been for their intervention, and we would like to thank Joanne and Simon for their support that day, which made a huge difference to both our crews and the patients.

“This was without doubt a complex and challenging scene, but Joanne and Simon’s actions tipped the balance of survival in the right way.

“Once again, we commend them for their quick-thinking actions, which made a huge difference that day.”

Judith Paget, chief executive at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, said: “We are extremely proud of both Joanne and Simon for their courageous actions.

“Their daily roles involve providing excellent care to their patients, but being able to adapt these skills to perform life-saving emergency treatment really is exceptional.

“Our NHS services in Wales work as one team, and the way Joanne and Simon responded so selflessly is the epitome of this.

“Wishing all casualties involved in the collision a quick recovery.”