A CAT was left seriously hurt - and her owner with a hefty vets bill - after she was allegedly attacked by two dogs in the street in Newport.

WARNING: Some of the images in the article contain explicit detail of injuries.

The cat, and 11 year old named Fluffy, was left with lacerations, severe bruising, reduced kidney function, and anaemia from infected cuts.

South Wales Argus: Fluffy the cat

Fluffy the cat relaxing at home

Owner Kerry Sweetman, 41 of Rowan Way, said it was “a minor miracle” that her beloved pet wasn't more seriously injured.

Ms Sweetman did not see the attack herself, but had it described to her by a passer-by.

“Fluffy was outside the front of the house when a lady walked past with her two dogs on leads,” said Ms Sweetman.


South Wales Argus: Fluffy's owner Kerry Sweetman

Fluffy's owner Kerry Sweetman

“They attacked Fluffy and had her by the front leg and the back leg.

“A woman driving past heard her screaming and literally stopped her car in the middle of the road to pull the dogs away.

“The woman who was walking the dogs just stood there and did absolutely nothing.

“I was told she was visibly shaken, but she didn’t wait around and still hasn’t returned to this day”.

South Wales Argus: Fluffy the cat after the attack

Fluffy the cat after the attack

The dogs were described as “medium-sized” and were around the size of spaniels.

“I don’t blame the dogs at all, the owner needs to be able to control them in public,” said Ms Sweetman. “If she can’t she needs to walk them one at a time, or they need to be muzzled”.

The matter has now been referred to Gwent Police.

After the attack, Fluffy went missing for two days.

She finally turned up in her home “very wounded and very shaken” according to Ms Sweetman.

South Wales Argus: Fluffy the cat after the attack

Fluffy the cat after the attack

She was rushed to Summerhill Vets in Summerhill Avenue and was immediately treated, but will need more treatment is needed if she is to survive.

Kate Dixon, clinical director of the Summerhill Vet Group, said: “After our initial emergency treatment to stabilise Fluffy and make her more comfortable, our investigations showed she was dehydrated and anaemic with a high temperature, but miraculously did not appear to have broken bones.

“She had however sustained extensive, painful crush injuries to her legs and groin; dogs have incredibly powerful jaws and sometimes it takes several days before the full extent and impact of these injuries is known”.

Ms Sweetman has been left with a hefty £2,500 vets bill, and has had to resort to setting up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs. The attack has struck a chord with many pet owners, with more than £1,000 raised by 83 donors so far.

Ms Sweetman has pledged that if she manages to raise more money than needed, it will be donated to the Cats Protection League.

Ms Dixon wanted to emphasise the need for dog owners to control their pets.

South Wales Argus: Fluffy the cat after the attack

Fluffy the cat after the attack

“As a general point, the death of cats in this way is sadly not uncommon,” Ms Dixon said.

"Dogs will chase - it is an instinct that is part of their wild heritage - and, having caught up with their quarry, they will grab hold.

“It is our responsibility as owners to recognise this and ensure our much loved canine friend doesn’t get the opportunity to act out on his instincts when the adrenaline of the hunt is flowing.

“Keeping your dog on a lead or getting them to wear a nice open and light basket muzzle when exercising if you know he chases would ensure this sort of tragedy never occurs again”.

South Wales Argus: Fluffy the cat after the attack

Fluffy the cat after the attack

Ms Sweetman said: “I want to thank the community. Everyone has been so supportive with their messages, doorstep visits and generous donations.

“I also want to thank Kate, Stacey, and the team at Summerhill Vets.

“The kindness has been overwhelming”.

You can find the GoFundMe page at https://tinyurl.com/2rm52esv