ARMED police and emergency paramedics are among the people on scene at a Caerphilly borough street.

Residents of Holly Road, Ty Sign – who did not want to be named - say the emergency services arrived around 4.30pm and the street has been cordoned off on both ends.

South Wales Argus: Ambulance vehicles in the street Ambulance vehicles in the street

There are said to be two police cars blocking either end of the street, four armed police units and two police dog handlers as well as an ambulance and rapid response vehicles with the Hazardous Area Response Team also on the scene.


Residents also reported hearing a number of shots fired but it is unconfirmed on the situation. One resident said: “They’ve been here for about half an hour, and we’ve heard shouting telling someone to come out and what sounded like 12-16 shots being fired.”

Gwent Police have been contacted for comment.