A SERIES of fires in Lliswerry have left residents on edge and fearful for their homes and their lives.

Residents in the area have said the fires have been occurring for the past two years - with a brief pause during lockdown. But the cause and who - if anyone - is responsible remains a mystery.

Some residents in the area have said they have been so concerned that they have removing conifers and other tall, flammable items – sometimes at a cost of around £20,000.

South Wales Argus:

The aftermath of one of the fires

One fire on Fosse Road in April cost a resident their car, hedges, gates, and windows.

The owner of the house described themselves as “very lucky to be alive” as their home was about to be engulfed before the fire service arrived.

South Wales Argus:

The aftermath of one of the fires

Many people living in Fosse Road are pensioners, meaning some have been any big fire could have catastrophic consequences.

The owner of the attacked house described the night of the fire.

“We rushed out of the house and saw a blaze all around the front,” said the owner.

“I think I scared off the arsonists with my shouting, they only managed to set one fire in the side hedge.


“Luckily the fire brigade arrived in time to stop it from spreading any further, if they'd been any later the house would have gone along with my next door neighbour.

“We’ve lived here for 50 years and we haven’t had any problems before this”.

Another resident said that they feel their paranoia over fires in the area was justified after seeing how quickly the fire had spread on a video recorded by a CCTV camera.

It will cost the owner of the house around £18,000 to fix the damage cause by the fire, though they will not be replacing the trees burned down.

South Wales Argus:

The aftermath of one of the fires

Residents are asking for an increased police presence and more cameras in the area.

Another apparantly deliberate fire in the area occurred in Broadmead Park at approximately 2am on June 5.

A fire crew from Maindee fire and Rescue attended the fire and extinguished it before 3am.

Gwent police are appealing for anybody with information on the fire to call 101, quoting 2100195950, or DM Gwent Police via Facebook or Twitter.