POLICE investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have said her body will not be found buried in Portuguese woods.

Police in Portugal have reportedly told their German counterparts that woodland near Praia da Luz has already been extensively searched.

It comes days after a clairvoyant spoke out over the case.

Clairvoyant Michael Schneider has given police the exact co-ordinates of the spot where he believes they will find her body after her disappearance in 2007.


50-year-old Michael, a former TV reporter said: “I do not give out such information lightly and without constantly questioning myself because I am very well aware of the responsibility of what I do.”

Madeleine was three years old when she went missing on May 3, 2007, while on holiday in Portugal.

Her disappearance sparked one of the most high profile missing persons searches in history.

Her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann have vowed to never give up looking for their daughter.

Last month marked Maddie’s 18th birthday with her parents saying every May that passes is a “reminder of years passed, of years together lost, or stolen”.

In a post on the Find Madeleine Facebook page, they said that Covid-19 has made the past year even harder, but thanked the police for continuing their investigation.

“We hang on to the hope, however small, that we will see Madeleine again. As we have said repeatedly, we need to know what has happened to our lovely daughter, no matter what,” the couple said.

“We still receive so many positive words and good wishes despite the years that have gone by. It all helps and for that we are truly grateful – thank you.”