REACTION has been mixed on the issue of whether a specific congestion choke point in Chepstow should take precedence over a potential bypass for the town.

Sustainable transport group Transition Chepstow have said that focus should now turn to traffic bottlenecks in the town following the news that new road building projects - such as the oft-discussed town bypass - will be frozen by the Welsh Government.

The group has highlighted High Beech roundabout - known locally as Larkfield roundabout - as one of the main culprits.

Peter Evans, group spokesperson, said: "What is surely needed instead of more pie in the sky, is committed active action now, particularly to ameliorate the horrendous congestion associated with the High Beech roundabout bottleneck."

However, reaction to the issue on social media has been mixed.

Andy Barrett said the plan would be OK "if half-wits could indicate on and off the roundabout".

Chris Wright said:"Bonkers idea surely bypass is far more needed than a roundabout upgrade."

But, James Williams disagreed, saying that the roundabout is "a clear bottleneck that is a quicker fix".

David Taylor was sceptical of a bypass as a solution.

He asked: "Build a bypass and the bottleneck on the roundabout will go?"


While Lucy Mae Thomas said the focus on transport was altogether misplaced.

"Stuff the by pass. Sort out Bulwark shops," she said.

One of the ways Transition Chepstow plan to introduce sustainable transport in the town is with a fleet of electric bicycles.

However, this too divided opinion among readers.

Ricky Davies said: "Kids don’t ride bikes to school because they get their bikes stolen or damaged. "The roads around Chepstow are dreadful"

Keith Weight said: "How many people are going to ride their electric bikes to work in Bristol and Cardiff? No they will use their cars, the same as mums dropping off and picking up their kids, not many now live within walking distance."

Paul Kelly was also of the opinion that focus should not be on the bypass, or indeed on electric transport.

"What's needed is a reliable regular bus service that starts earlier and goes on to late in the evening," he said.

"Most shops in town may be shut at that time but there are still chemists, pubs and restaurants in and outside town, plus Tesco and railway station who would all benefit from this. "Plus improved earlier and later services to surrounding areas like Newport and Bristol would be brilliant."