THE Welsh Government will not be following the lead of Westminster and Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the emergence from lockdown.

That is according to health minister Eluned Morgan, speaking earlier today at the Welsh Government's coronavirus update briefing.

Mr Johnson is expected to announce later today a sweeping away on July 19 of most if not all of the coronavirus restrictions that have governed people's lives in England.

But Ms Morgan reiterated the longstanding position of the Welsh Government - that the path out of lockdown in Wales will be determined by "data, not dates".

"He will do what he thinks is right for England, and we will do what's right for Wales,"said Ms Morgan.

"We will do things by the data, not a timeline which has been set out artificially.

"We have very constant dialogue with representatives from the UK government.

"We will make those decisions in our next review."

That means it will be July 15 before it is confirmed what the next steps will be on the path out of lockdown restrictions in Wales.


Mr Johnson is expected to announce when lockdown measures will end, in a press briefing later this afternoon.

"We are analysing data from England and Scotland," said Ms Morgan.

"We also have our own data.

"We are about two weeks behind [England and Scotland] in terms of case numbers.

"Data is being crunched as we speak."

Mr Johnson is also expected to announce the end of isolation bubbles in schools in England, another matter which is devolved.

Ms Morgan was also quick to note that the Welsh Government will be following its own strategy on this matter too.

"What we'll do in Wales will be appropriate in Wales," said Ms Morgan.

"It will up to the Welsh education minister [Jeremy Miles].

"He is working incredibly hard at the moment.

"Those will be decisions which will be made in the forthcoming weeks."