THE former site of a radiator factory in Newport will be converted into five separate business units after Newport City Council granted planning permission.

The Quinn Radiators site in Celtic Way has been closed since the business went into administration in 2019, with the loss of 280 jobs.

But today, Wednesday, Newport City Council's Planning Committee granted an application to convert the site into multiple units - which it is claimed could provide jobs for up to 500 people.

Although some concerns were raised in the meeting about the impact on pollution and water quality, it was explained that no increase in traffic is expected.

There was also concern about the impact of the site on the nearby Gwent Levels, and there has been a condition that an Environmental Management Plan be created.


The water quality was acknowledged and outlined in the conditions by the planning officers for the approval.

The report also said: “It is considered that the proposed development would have significant economic benefits and would not cause unacceptable impacts on the environment, neighbouring or surrounding land uses as well as highway safety, drainage and ecology.

“The proposed development represents a sustainable development which accords with national policy and the local development plan.”


During the planning meeting, councillors were in favour. Cllr John Guy said: “Good to see we are building a lot of houses all over the city and for good reason, but it is necessary to have something like this. We do not know what is going to be there but that is going to be developed in future is good.”

Cllr Trevor Watkins echoed this – and welcomed the possibility of 500 new jobs. He did have concerns on parking. “With the news that it could provide 500 staff, is that enough parking spaces to accommodate?”

The planning officer explained of how there are good bus routes, with stops near to the site entrance and there are plans being discussed in regards to a new Active Travel Route which would encourage more people to walk or cycle to work and with car sharing, there would be enough spaces.

What exactly is approved?

• The five units would be under the B1 (general office), B2 and B8 classes. They will range in size from 3,000sqm to 16,000sqm.

• There would be minor changes to the building to allow for extra access points for the subdivided units.

• There will be a one-way entry and exit point for vehicles accessing the site.

• There are currently 336 car parking spaces, however 60 of these will be removed to create larger loading bays. The 60 will be recreated in another part of the site.

The application was granted with a number of conditions, including that a drainage scheme is approved by the council.

No businesses have yet agreed to move onto the site.