PILLGWENLLY Primary School has launched a website as part of a diversity project funded by Arts Council Wales.

The project, called Cynefin, seeks to highlight and celebrate BAME people in Wales.

The website includes all of the activities the pupils took part in, such as interviewing local residents, sharing recipes, creating poetry, and explaining their own backgrounds.

Houses celebrating diversity were made on video game Minecraft and the students made a 'quilt of diversity'.

South Wales Argus: The 'quilt of diversity' made by the pupils at Pillgwennly Primary School

The 'quilt of diversity' made by the pupils at Pillgwenlly Primary School

The project was entirely led by year six pupils at the school and was planned to take place over six weeks.

However, year six had to self isolate, so the project was completed in four weeks.

Viv Kirby, a year six teacher and one of the coordinators of the project, said: "We saw the project advertised by the Arts Council Wales and thought it fitted the ethos of our school perfectly.

"We are always looking for opportunities to develop new ideas with our children and introduce them to different ways of working.

"The goal was to develop the aspirations of our children and learn about the contribution that the BAME community made to the history and development of Wales.

"The website the children created will continue to be developed and diversity, inclusion and equality will feature strongly throughout our new curriculum".

The website was launched on Tuesday, July 6, and to reward the children for their hard work, pizza was provided from a local pizzeria.

A video made by the children was shown during the launch, which highlighted how much of an immediate impact the project has had.


For example, no children understood what BAME meant before the project, compared to 74 per cent of them afterwards.

Umar, who is 11 years old, said: “It was really important working from pupil voice ideas because we all had different answers and ideas and from doing the pupil voice all those ideas became one big idea”.

Abdur, also 11, said: "I learned Cynefin means a lot to us like home and the definition of diversity means we are all different.

"And other words like equality and inclusion”.

Mrs Kirby said: "It has been a privilege to work with the children on this project.

"We never imagined at the commencement of the project that they would complete as much work as they did and to such high standards.

"We could not be prouder."