KIMBERLEY Nursery School in Newport is set to close this month after 77 years.

It will amalgamate with Fairoak Nursery School in September.

The nursery has been running since 1944 and staff wanted to mark its closure with a special celebration.

One member of staff said: "It has been a very emotional time for the staff and we couldn't let the closure happen without organising a celebration of such an amazing nursery.


"Sadly restrictions prevented this from happening on the nursery premises. But following Covid rules we were able to hold a get together in Kimberley Park.

"The nursery has been a valuable asset to the community for 77 years and many siblings and generations of families have attended.

"The communication class within the nursery has been an amazing asset also. The nursery has been like one big happy family and marking this occasion has enabled staff both past and present to get together to share many wonderful memories that have been made over the years.

"The staff would like to thank all the amazing children and parents that have been part of this Nursery family since 1944," she said.