ITALIANS all over the world are celebrating last night's Euro 2020 win against England - including in Gwent.

At the Argus we spoke to a Newport family and a resident in Milan who's lived in South Wales to find out how they're celebrating their big win.

The Attore family own the Bar Piazza in Newport and watched the Euros final together.

Marco Attore celebrated with his family and enjoyed the match - which saw the Italians come out on top on penalties - with his son Luciano.

South Wales Argus:

Marco Attore's son Luciano with the Italy flag

He said: "We are all still on a high from our win last night and it’s great to share the spirit and passion of Italian football with the next generation.

"We had the family over and started the only way we know with lots of food. To every Welsh Italian fan forza azzurri (come on, the blues!).

"It was fabulous for our children to see Italy win the Euros, something they will never forget. We celebrated as a family (three generations) including grandchildren, Emilia, Alessandro, Gabriel and Luciano. It was simply unforgettable."


In Italy, Sara Pasino from Milan said Italy is overwhelmed with the support the Welsh have given Italy during the Euros. Miss Pasino studied her masters degree in Cardiff and loves South Wales.

South Wales Argus:

Sara Pasino and her boyfriend

“As an Italian who has lived and studied in Wales I was so happy to see the great support that we received," she said. "Welsh and Italian people are similar in many ways: both very welcoming, caring and supporting. And we have the same colours in our flags: green, white and red.

"But most importantly, I was happy to see anyone who genuinely enjoyed the match, despite the racist and violent episodes that left me very disappointed.”

Wales is Sara Pasino's home from home. She said the Welsh have been so supportive to Italy during the Euros. "The atmosphere in Milan yesterday and today is fantastic," she said. "There is a tradition where we drive and hook our car horns to celebrate."