A LOCAL community group are giving a historic building a new lease of life after formerly taking ownership of it.

The Cefn Fforest Miners Welfare Hall charity have purchased the Cefn Fforest Miner’s Institute from Cefn Fforest Rugby Club and need the public’s help to direct the use of the building – which they want to be a real community hub.

Rhys Hurley, one of 10 trustees of the charity said: “We have now completed the purchase of the building but there is a lot of work to do.

“For us to be able to get funding, we need to know what the people of Cefn Fforest want the building to be used for so that we can provide this information to potential backers so they know where their money will be going.”

The group has launched a second consultation for the community to give their views on, which will provide more detailed information than the initial consultation in 2019.


Mr Hurley wants to thank those who have already helped out in various ways.

He said: “We have a number of volunteers who, along with our trustees, have been working very hard on a number of jobs including sorting the flooring and ceiling.

“It is going to cost quite a bit to revamp the hall, which had been left empty for some time and needs a lot of work done, so to keep costs down, we have been doing what we can safely do.

“We have also been given some funding by Coalfields Regeneration Trust and £1,000 has been raised by the community itself.

“Cefn Fforest is quite a deprived area, and we acknowledge that and want to provide something worthwhile for the community to use.”

You can make your views on the consultation until Monday, August 9, here. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe6Ivbe19SoXbnUqYCkZg95brJaH8A-Y2rHD6mApdMxc5yQhQ/viewform