A TEENAGE drug dealer who made nearly £40,000 trafficking cocaine has been ordered to hand over £6,000.

Tommy Stanton, 19, of Hawthorne Avenue, Newport, was sent to a young offender institution for 28 months earlier this year.

He was at the city’s crown court to face a Proceeds of Crime Act hearing as the police seized what was left over from his profits.

Claire Pickthall, prosecuting, said Stanton had benefited by £38,110 from drug dealing and has £6,265 in available assets.


The defendant has three months to comply and pay the money or face an additional 12 weeks behind bars.

When Stanton was sentenced in April, Cardiff Crown Court heard he was caught with around £23,000 of cocaine in May 2020.

Some of it, Miss Pickthall said during that hearing, had a purity of 84 per cent.